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August 25, 1755 - Acadian Deportation

The Boston Gazette -Weekly Journal Boston 
August 25, 1755 

By a vessel arrived here last Wednesday, and another the Day following, both in 4 days from Halifax, we are informed, that a 50 and 20 gunShip were arrived there from Virginia; and that 19 + Men of War were in that Harbour when they came away. That a number of Transports were preparing to sail for the Bay of Fundy, which were to be convoyed by Capt. Rous, in order to carry off the French Inhabitants from Nova Scotia.
That a School was arrived there in 6 weeks from England ; but bro't nothing material. War was not declar'd when she sail'd.

By Capt. Bacon, who arrived here last Evening in 8 Days from Chignecto, we are informed, That the French Neutrals (Acadians) were lading a schooner and a Sloop up the Bay Vert, with Provisions, in order to send to Louisbourg: That upon Intelligence thereof to Col. Monckton he immediately dispatched away 250 Troops to said Bay by Land, but when got there could not find any Boats or Canoes; and upon asking the Neutrals whether they knew of any, they said they did (or would) not know; but the English threatening to hang two or three of them if they did not tell, thy soon procur'd them two, which 13 o four men took and went off to the above Vessels, but while they were going, they were constantly fir'd upon from the Vesssels with Swivels and Small-Arms, but those brave Fellows not minding their firing boarded and took them, with 13 Head of Cattle on board, and bro't them safe to Chignecto, without receiving any Damage.

That Col. Winslow had march'd with 400 Men to Pisguit [Pisiguit] in order to take off the Neutrals (Acadians) there; and from thence he was to proceed with them to Halifax.

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