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Grand-Pré, Acadia Parish Registers 1707-1733

A copy of the transcriptions of the surviving registers for the parish of St-Charles des Mines, Grand-Pre, prior to the Deportation of 1755 may be accessed through this blog.

According to Placide Gaudet, there were five surviving registers. Some Acadians took the registers with them into exile. He believed the Acadians exiled to Virginia and from there to England were the ones who had them in their possession. If so, they kept them with them even when they were repatriated to France. Those Acadians would have sailed to Louisiana in 1785. Once in Louisiana, they turned them over to the parish priest in the parish of St. Gabriel d'Iberville. Not concerned a great deal about their care, there was a flood in 1893 and two of the registers and parts of the other three were destroyed. Two years later, Archbishop O'Brien of Halifax had a copy made of what was left of the registers and in the spring of 1899 Placide Gaudet made a duplicate for the Dominion (Ottawa) Archives. I believe this copy is in Placide Gaudet's handwriting.

He tells us that there are several gaps in the entries of births, marriages and deaths.

These registers are in PDF Format. In order to the registers you must have Acrobat Reader.

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Grand-Pre Parish Registers PDF

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*Above photo is of the Memorial Church at Grand-Pré believed to have been built in the style of the original church.

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