Saturday, November 18, 2006

In spite of the gorgeous weather yesterday, I decided to finally get started uploading photos of cemetery tombstones that Hector Boudreau and Francis LeBlanc have been taking in the Moncton area. I have had some of the cds for a couple of years now so I thought it was time to find a program that would allow me to upload *lots* of photos at the same time. In finding the ideal program, it took me the better part of yesterday to upload all of the photos for St. Joseph Cemetery in Shediac - some 1,592 of them.

Early this morning I began working with more of the cemeteries and as of now the following cemeteries can be accessed at my web site:

Barachois - 691 photos, Cap-Pele - 894 photos, Haute Abougajane - 375 photos, Pre d'en Haut - 265 photos, Scoudouc - 431 photos and St. Anselme - 540 photos.

We are hoping that these photos will help some of you obtain information or photos of the graves of your relatives who are buried in the New Brunswick area. I still have the Chartersville Cemetery to do and Hector will be sending me Memramcook and couple of other smaller cemeteries. Did you know that Chartersville used to be Village des LeBlanc/LeBlanc Village before the land was sold and renamed after the owner of the land who purchased it?

So as you see the work continues in trying to bring more information and data to all of you in search of your Acadian relatives.

Now I am going back to see how many photos of the Chartersville Cemetery I can upload before I take a break from all of this today.

To take a look at those cemeteries just go to Acadian Ancestral Home, scroll down the sidebar to CEMETERIES and take a look.

My best to all of you!

Your Acadian Cousin,


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