Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Are You Your Own Grandpa?

Are you your own grandpa?
Family Relationships

FIRST COUSINS are the people in your family who have two of the same grandparents as you. They are the children of your aunts and uncles.

SECOND COUSINS are the relatives with the same great grandparents as you, but not the same grandparents.

THIRD COUSINS have the same great great grandparents

FOURTH COUSINS have the same great great great greatgrandparents, and so on.

What Does Removed Mean?

Removed tells us that two related people [example: first cousin twice removed] are simply from different generations. First cousins are in the same generation. First cousins are two generations younger than their same set of grandparents. In this case, they are not removed.

If you are cousins once removed, there is a difference of one generation between you and your cousin. [Example: this would mean that your mother's first cousin though also your first cousin is your first cousin once removed because you are of two different generations.

Once removed simply means that there is a difference of one generation. For example, your mother's first cousin is your first cousin, once removed. This is because your mother's first cousin is one generation our grandparents and you are two generations younger than your grandparents. This one-generation difference equals once removed.

Twice removed means that there is a two-generation difference. You are two generations younger that a first cousin of your grandmother, so you and your grandmother's first cousin are first cousins, twice removed.

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JamaGenie said...

It took me years to grasp the concept of "removed". Actually, not until I started using my genie program's "How are this person and that person related?" feature. A friend's husband turned out to be my 5th cousin NO removes, which is rather rare among living descendants.

On the other hand, my WEAVER line turned marrying their first cousins into a fine art. A husband might be my 3C1R but his wife is my 1C2R. The variations are endless, and nearly chokes my otherwise powerful PC when I pull up one of those couples. Updating this bunch is a nightmare. I never attempt it without a giant economy size bottle of Excedrin next to the computer!

Anonymous said...

Now comes the hard question: How do you say once (or twice) removed in French. I have asked several genealogists in Quebec and no one had a good answer.

Lucie LeBlanc Consentino said...

Those Rs can sure give us a headache but once we get it we get it! lol and yes, they can cause a headache too lol


Lucie LeBlanc Consentino said...

I don't believe that there is a good translation for that - at least I've never head one. I've contacted some people in Quebec and they haven't come up with anything either. perhaps a good question for the Quebec mailing list on Rootsweb?


Wendy said...

Thanks for posting this! Next time I talk to people about cousins "removed", and they ask me what that is, I will direct them to your post.

仲亨仲亨 said...

may the blessing be with you.........................................

Lucie LeBlanc Consentino said...

Thank you Wendy! ;o)


Lucie LeBlanc Consentino said...

Thank you!