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Acadian Patriots who fought in the American Revolution Part II

Acadian Patriots who fought in the American Revolution Part II

Acadians from Louisiana who fought in 1766 under Galvez

This list from Dudley LeBlanc's Acadian Miracle were copied from the records
in Seville, Spain. Some were written in French and some in Spanish.

Militia at what is now St. James
April 8, 1766
Don Nicholas Verret - Captain

Jean Azostegue
Pierre Azostegue
Ambroise Bernabe
Paul Bernabe
Jean Bellefontaine
Joseph Bernabe
Pierre Berteau
Pierre Blanchard
Pierre Blanchard, Jr.
Joseph Blanchard
Laimable Blanchard
Jean Jaunis
Pierre Lambert
Pierre Lambert, Jr.
Victor Blanchard
Joseph Boudreau
Joseph Bourg
Pierre Bourg
Baptiste Bourgeois

Jean Bourgeois
Michel Bourgeois
Baptiste Cormier
Baptiste Cormier, Jr.
Jean Cormier
Pierre Charpentier
Jean Louviere
Jean Millet
Pierre Michel
Pierre Charpentier, Jr.
Pierre Doiron
Paul Doucet
Jacques Dubain
Joseph Foret
Joseph Dupuis
Pierre Godet
Joseph Godet

Claude Godet
Francois Hebert
Jean Richard
Joseph Richard
Joseph Robicho
Joseph Landry
Olivier Landry
Pierre Lanoux
Andre LeBlanc
Jean Mouton
Louis Mouton
Salvador Mouton
Jean Poirrier
Jean Sonnier
Joseph Terio
Pierre Thibodo


On June 1779, Spain declared war on Great Britain and ordered Spanish Colonial Governor of Louisiana, Bernado de Galvez to organize an expedition and capture the forts at Mobile and Pensacola and to attack and clear the English from the banks of the Mississippi.
Galvez leaves New Orleans with an army of Spanish regulars and the Louisiana militia made up of 600 Cajun volunteers and captures the British strongholds of Fort Bute at Bayou Manchac, across from the Acadian settlement at St. Gabriel. And on n September 21, they attack and capture Baton Rouge.
Between 1779 and 1781, the census of the Opelousas district listed 535 whites and 218 blacks and the Opelousas Militia was composed of 4 officers, s sergeants, three corporals and 89 enlisted men. The Opelousas Militia was in the detachment that captured Natchez.
Source: "La Compagnie de Malice des Attakapas" was the name of the military unit that fought in the American Revolution. (Spanish Records, dated 1 May 1777. pp. 289-290 "S.A.R. Spanish English War 1779-1783" compiled by C. Robert Churchill).
Thanks to Don Landry for this information.

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Other sources (which I have not yet consulted but they're on my to-do list) include: Granville Hough's "Spain's Louisiana Patriots in its 1779-1783 War with England During the American Revolution" and Winston DeVille's "Louisiana Soldiers in the American Revolution"