Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Halloween has come and gone..

Dear Cousins,

Halloween has come and gone but some memories linger on - this was our little Theo's first Halloween where Dad took him out to "Trick or Treat". Lots of fun having a toddler in the family. I thought I'd share this photo with all of you - I call it "Theo the Pumpkin".

You can tell from the photo that the weather was mild this Halloween - in fact it was a balmy 72 degrees. A very nice day for trick or treating in our part of Massachusetts.

I have been so very busy that I've not had time to blog recently but I hope to be caught up soon. We have been busy raking leaves... raking leaves... and raking leaves!! I also "grandmother" Theo three days a week so I'm pretty busy in addition to answering research queries, etc. So busy in fact that there were two festivals in which I had wanted to participate and I just did not have enough time. One was the Festival of Postcards hosted by Evelyn Thériault at A Canadian Family and the other was Play me your favorite instrument hosted by Janet the Researcher.

Though I was unable to meet the deadline for the postcard festival and for the COG sponsored by Janet, I will nonetheless be posting about these right here. Our family is a musical family so I've lots to share.

Thanks for the visit! Ya'll come back now ;o)

Your cousin,

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