Friday, October 23, 2009

Paying for web space, AAH Policy, Zazzle

Dear Cousins,

The October 11th blog brought some very interesting comments. Some were sent to me on Facebook, some in my personal email and others as comments to this blog.
A couple of people took it very personally though it was not so intended. I know several people who use the server I do so how can anyone take what I posted personally if I have not named them, named their blog, named their web site or whatever it is they have online.

Anyhow, many sites sell their services and more than one of them uses the same server. Voilà!

Now some of the comments sent were attacks on me personally and the policy of this blogger is that nothing negative, no attacks, no abusive words will be published if those are the commentaries left to be moderated. I do not attack others and I will not allow others to go on the attack
. This means that such negative commentaries will not be published.

On another note, I would like to mention purchases I have made from Zazzle in the past. Several years ago I was looking for information of the 102nd Supply Company of the Yankee Division. My father was part of the 102nd - one day while searching on Ebay, lo and behold there was this company named Zazzle that had the last review of the 26th Yankee Division at Fort Devens, Massachusetts.

My father was certainly somewhere in that photo. His discharge papers state he was at Fort Devens when his service ended. I ordered that photo - their price was terrific compared to if I ordered from the National Archives.

However, I wondered now if there was a photo of the Yankee Division's 102nd Supply Company on the National Archives site. Wouldn't you know that I found it. I phoned the National Archives and they wanted $400 to make me a copy - these are huge and very long photos.

So I contacted Zazzle and asked if there was any way they would ever have that photo. They told me they would order it and in a few weeks I could order the size I wanted. I was indeed able to order the photo and we can see my father sitting right in the middle and in the front row. All this photo cost me from Zazzle was $35!!! The one of the last review at Fort Devens was only $25. They are framed together.

So as you see my experience with Zazzle was really great. We never know what we will find on Ebay or elsewhere for that matter.
You might wonder why I am talking about Zazzle? Well someone did mention it today so these wonderful photos provided by Zazzle immediately came to my mind.

Last week it was very cold here in Eastern Massachusetts. It looked like we were in for a *very* long and *very* cold winter - well we probably are anyhow but this week the temperatures rose to what we are accustomed to in October so it has been a pleasant week. to everyone's dismay, we had snow on two different days last week. Totally unbelievable. The maple trees are gorgeous but we've sure been picked up an awful lot of leaves my husband and me. I love fall except for all of this work. Before long it will be a memory and we will be preparing for the holidays.

Theo a year later.

I have been spending quite a bit of time with our little Theo. I just love that boy! He doesn't miss a thing for a one year old. This Christmas will be a whole lot of fun with him. Last Christmas he was only three months old.

Two weeks ago I took him to his pediatrician appointment. I appreciate meeting his doctors since I spend so much time "grandmothering" him.

My thanks to Evelyn for coining that word. It is a wonderful word and much more meaningful than saying I "baby sit" Theo. Isn't it great? ! After all, what does "baby sit" really mean for a grandmother? "Grandmothering" just says it all.

By the way, Evelyn Thériault is very creative and she has a great blog called
A Canadian Family. Why don't you drop by for a visit?

Something to look forward to: Caroline LeBlanc of New York has written an article about me. Once published it will be posted on my web site and on this blog. This certainly has been a busy year. Radio-Canada CBC television came to our home from Moncton to interview me - the interview included my family. They also interviewed Lorette Leafe of Manchester, New Hampshire who is a good friend and had been mtDNA tested. A portion of the interview also included Stephen White, Genealogist and Dr. Barbara LeBlanc of Cape Breton. Barbara and Lorette descend from the same Founding Mother of Acadia.

Then when we went to Moncton CBS interviewed us again at Fort Beauséjour. This time it was to capture the Barbara and Lorette's first meeting and that I had been the intermediary. Lots of fun!

So please stay tuned! There is always something new and exciting on the horizon.

If you enjoy reading history books, I've been reading "Lincoln's Men". It provides interesting insight on who Abraham Lincoln was. I highly recommend this book. the author quotes one of Lincoln's saying that I just love "Everything that I am, I owe to my mother." Stephen White paid homage "to our mothers" when the Dictionnaire généalogique des familles acadiennes was published - he quoted Lincoln in French: "Tout ce que je suis, je le dois à ma mère." - A Lincoln

I guess that catches s up for now. Thanks for your visit.

Your cousin,


Lori E said...

Are you serious? You got nasty comments for expressing YOUR view on YOUR blog site?
Shame, shame, shame on them.
Disagree with me for sure because I am not always right, but get nasty and you will not like what comes next.
If I come across a site asking for money I am gone. End of converstaion.
I have had two people today alone who have offered to pay me for the "Canadian Blogger" flags I made. I told one it would cost her one million dollars. Apparently she can't pay so I don't know if I should let her use However I do expect people not to copy my work and creations unless they have permission from me to do so.

Lucie LeBlanc Consentino said...

Hi Lori.. Thank you for your comment.

Hm... a million dollars for a graphic. Cool! Gee I wonder now what you would have done if that person had come up with the million dollars. What a shopping spree you could have had!

Tootsie said...

I am so sorry this happened to you. I am also willing to bet that many of the ignorant comments came by anonymous....You are the host of this particular blog...and YOU are supposed to feel free to say whatever YOU want!
I have been on your end of the ignorant comment thing in the past...let it roll off your back friend...these people who sling mud...have bogs in their closets!
Welcome to my followers list...and I'm adding you to mine!

Lucie LeBlanc Consentino said...

Thank you Tootsie - very nice of you to extend your hand in friendship. It is most appreciated! Happy blogging.