Thursday, September 10, 2009

Family reunions: you meet the nicest people

One of the best things that happens at a CMA/World Congress of Acadians, is that you meet the nicest people who are, of course, your cousins to one degree or another.

At CMA 2004 I met wonderful cousins like Don Arseneaux, Brenda Comeaux Trahan and her husband Ray Trahan, Linda Louviere and her mother, LeBlanc cousins from Nova Scotia, Australia, Quebec, the United States and many other locales. Meeting Sally Ross, Donna Doucet, Darlene Mius, Roseline Godin-Cochrane, Roger Sévigny, Susan Surette Draper at Grand-Pré was a real treat. Some of us remain connected since then.

To see some of them again at CMA 2009 was such a blessing. It did not seem possible that 5 years had passed and it was a coming home of sorts once again.

This time around it was a treat to meet Marcelle Comeau (from Nova Scotia who is on the AFC mailing list and who I met briefly in 2004). I also met the following: Gord Deagle (he is a Daigle descendant from Ontario), Caroline Leblanc (studying for her PhD at University of Maine) and Roger Romero. Roger has been known to many of us online for many years as Romm. Roger gave me a beautiful pin from the Acadian Memorial of St. Martinsville, Louisiana to add to my collection that I wear to each CMA and some conferences. Roger is president of the Lafayette Genealogical Society. I was both surprised and so pleased when he came up to me to introduce himself at the Bourg/LeBlanc/Melanson reunion! Don Arseneaux was speaking with me at the time and he went to his camper and brought me a pin from CMA 1999 held in Louisiana. So I have a pretty nice collection of pins from CMAs and various family reunions I attended.

That is the thing about the really nice cousins you meet online - when you finally meet them at one of these reunions, it is like you've always known them so it is always a treat.

I've no doubt that I probably missed the names of some of the wonderful people I met this year, if I did please post a message. I really look forward to hearing from you and to keeping in touch.

Have a great day wherever you live and be happy.

With love from your cousin.

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