Sunday, August 09, 2009

Let's Jazz at CMA 2009 and I hope we meet!

In a little more than a week, my friend Lorette and I will be heading to Moncton, New Brunwick. Then we will spend a couple of days at CMA 20097. We will also spend a day at Le Pays de La Sagouine in Bouctouche, visit Beaubassin, Fort Beauséjour and a couple of other historic sites and yes, I will Jazz at CMA! - let me explain.

Yesterday, I purchased a JAZZ Camcorder - it records video or still photos and the video has audio with it. One of my daughters suggest that I pick up one of these little camcorders for the trip as Lorette and I plan to also stop at as many Acadian villages along the way either going or coming, that we can find.

I don't usually blog about things electronic but I really thought I should share this Jazz Camcorder with you because all it cost was $35 + and SD card. Both totally less than $50. It is like "wow"! I have been practicing using it and the video I transferred to my computer is excellent. I expected it to be grainy with such an inexpensive camcorder but it was not.

There are excellent reviews online about the Jazz Camcorder and I read only one negative one by a lady who expected perfection. I've told myself that for this price something "nice" would be great. I'm seeing better than nice so I thought I would share this information with you. What a nice little pocket camcorder to take along on any trip or vacation. It zooms so I would expect it would even be good taking photos of documents and the like.

So yes, I'm going to JAZZ with my camcorder this trip.

I am really hoping to meet many of you at CMA. I have been invited once again to speak at the Bourg/LeBlanc/Melanson reunion. My response is that I would be willing to give a talk on mtDNA of the founding Mothers of Acadia if someone else is speaking about Acadian history of the Caraquet area. I'm waiting for a final response. This reunion was planned very late so there is still a bit of scrambling going on but I know that Rachelle Dugas is doing her level best to make this reunion very meaningful. When I receive a final response, I'll post it here.

Either way, on August 21st Lorette and I will attend the Bourg/LeBlanc/Melason reunion in Tracadie-Sheila as well as the Breau reunion in Néguac. On August 22nd, we will attend the Doucet reunion (Lorette's mother was a Doucet) at Grande Anse and in the evening we will attend the Belliveau/Gaudet banquet in Tracadie-Sheila.

So I really hope many of you will come to those reunion. I would just love to meet up with all of you I met at CMA 2004 as well as those of you I've not yet met because you weren't at that one.

Make your plans now - there is still time.

Vive l'Acadie!


Your cousin,


Lori E said...

Have a great time Lucie.

Lucie LeBlanc Consentino said...

Thank you! It will be a great time ;o)