Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Lazy hazy days of summer - then there is CMA2009

Dear Cousins,

Around the Fourth of July, I decided it was time to take a break from everything that I do on the Internet. Since then I've not added anything to my web site, have not written a blog, have not worked on mtDNA etc. Yes, I've needed a bit of a vacation from it all. Now that summer has *finally* arrived in Massachusetts, what I have done is spent time with family; enjoyed working in my flower beds; and putting in a new section of lawn.

The month June brought us 23 days of rain - yes, you can believe that! I began to think we lived in Seattle and the irony is that during that time Seattle had nice sunny weather. Mother Nature can be quite confounding.

The first two days of July *lots* more rain for a total of 25 days of rain within a month's time. I couldn't wait to get outside and do what I love to do during summer months: work in my gardens!
I would go outside between rainfalls just to get outside and walk around.

On the upside, it is quite unbelievable that the month of July has thus far been very comfortable. By now 90 degree weather days (Fahrenheit) would be the norm but not this July. We have enjoyed warm days in the high 70's and cool nights very comfortable for sleeping. We have just begun to turn on the air conditioning within the past two days as the days are now very muggy and hot. Today it is raining with possible thunderstorms on the way. Well even July cannot be perfect....

As the days pass, I am now looking forward to CMA2009 that will be held in Northern New Brunswick from August 7th through the 23rd. My friend Lorette and I leave home on August 19th and return home on the 25th. We will attend the Doucet Family Reunion (Lorette is née Doucet) on August 22nd. That evening we will attend the Belliveau/Gaudet Banquet. Stephen White is speaking at both events.

I'm not aware that other CMAs have gone beyond August 15th as that day is the Acadian National Holiday and I do believe previous CMAs have closed on that date so I've no idea how many people will be in attendance beyond the 15th. At CMA 2004 we had a huge celebration with a closing Mass and luncheon. It was terrific!

I was invited to speak at the Bourque/LeBlanc/Melanson Family Reunion but I have declined. My expertise is speaking about the Acadian History in a variety of formats as well as mtDNA of the Founding Mothers of Acadia. Though I'd made this known, another person was asked to speak on Acadian History and I was asked to speak on the three families. I have never done such a presentation and though many encouraged me to do so, in the end I was not comfortable with it so I declined. The reason I was not comfortable with preparing and making such a presentation is because I believe Stephen White is *the* person who should be invited to speak to that. I have also reasoned that since I've never given such a presentation, the CMA venue is not the place to test the waters. If I'd given such a presentation before CMA I might have waded in. So I have strongly urged the organizer to invite Stephen White but I don't know if she has.

On August 20th, 21st and 24th we will be at the Centre d'études acadiennes at Moncton University. We may well decide to go to the Bourque/LeBlanc/Melanson reunion on the 21st but I've not discussed that with Lorette so we shall see. On the 24th I will meet Eileen Avery. I am looking forward to meeting her as well as catching up with the many cousins and friends I have made in Moncton over the years.

Last week I spent a great deal of time scanning postcards to my laptop with the intent of submitting a few of them to the "Festival of Postcards". When I tried to open the link from this PC desktop to my laptop so I could transfer some of the postcards to this computer, it would not work. I learned long ago that we simply are not the masters of these machines! I have not been able to figure out how to recreate that link so I have submitted my blog on "Theater Row" hoping that will be acceptable for this "Festival".

Wherever you are I hope you are enjoying the Lazy hazy days of summer! I hope too that we will meet either at CMA on the 22nd or at CEA in Moncton on the days we will be there doing research. We will be staying in Moncton during our time in New Brunswick so it would be easy to meet either at CEA or in the evening. Give a holler if you will be there will you?


Your Cousin Lucie


Lori E said...

Have a great trip Lucie.
Say hi to my Melanson kin while you are there.
Charles Melanson married to Marie Dugast are my 7th. great grandparents and their daughter Marguerite married to Jean Landry my 6th. great grandparents.

Evelyn Yvonne Theriault said...

Hi - I'm back!!!
First, thanks for submitting Theater Row - I actually loved that post and was hoping it would go into the Festival.
I've had a little vacation from blogging too (as you know) and I think it's a good idea - it refreshes the mind!
I'm more and more sory that I didn't figure out a way to go to the CMA this year. You can bet I won't miss the next time PLUS I do want to hear one of your presentations.
Have a nice day,

Lucie LeBlanc Consentino said...

Thank you Lori and welcome back Evelyn.

I was breaking my head over what to enter into the Festical of Postcards then realized Theater Row would be ideal ;o)

We will not know where the next CMA will be held until it is announced at the end of this CMA - it could be in Louisiana or it could be in the St. John Valley - that would be nice since it would take it to a new venue. I'll keep everyone posted!