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Genographic Project ends in 2010

The International Society
of Genetic Genealogy

Vol. 2 No. 4 Apr 2009

From the Director -

The Four-Year Anniversary of the Genographic Project

April 2009 marks the four-year anniversary of the launch of National
Geographic's Genographic Project. The project is slated for five years
so its hard to believe there is only one year left! In 2010, all DNA
samples that are not transferred to Family Tree DNA's (FTDNA) database will be destroyed. As of mid-March 2009, over 296,000+ Genographic kits have been sold and around 70,000 of those have been uploaded into Family Tree DNA. But this still leaves 226,000+ samples marked for destruction. Including the sample I bought for a relative and then misplaced the log-in code! I have one year to find that code - the clock is ticking!

Once the sample has been transferred to FTDNA, the company will
provide storage for 25 years and this provides the ability to upgrade the
sample for new and exciting tests that become available. There is no
charge for storage or for the upload from Genographic to FTDNA. If
existing FTDNA customers wish to contribute their DNA results for
Genographic Project research, they can do so for a nominal transfer fee.

To transfer your results, log in to your Genographic page and scroll
down to the bottom header which reads, "WHAT ELSE CAN I DO WITH MY RESULTS?" and then click the blue "learn more" link at the end of the paragraph. This will walk you through the process of transferring your results and then you can explore your genetic journey for an additional 25 more years!

-Katherine Borges
ISOGG Director

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