Thursday, April 30, 2009

What's blogging all about?

What's Blogging all About?

You know, I used to wonder what blogging was all about. What was so great about having a blog and writing about all the day to day sundry things of life. In May of 2006 I decided to take the leap and started my own blog. What I found was that it is actually quite an enjoyable way to:

1. reflect on one's life and family
2. keep my family and friends updated
3. share genealogy and history
4. collaborate with other bloggers who have similar interests
5. learn about what others think and are sharing
6. support other bloggers

Until the past couple of months I was not a faithful blogger. I did blog quite a bit but I seemed more inclined around the holidays when there was so much more to be talking about regarding my family activities.

One day, my friend Evelyn Thériault invited to visit her new blog she had launched on a few months earlier - I was totally impressed! Evelyn's A Canadian Family Blog inspired me and I could see that blogs had become a new venue for more than one's musings. I decided to launch my blog anew. The result is what visitors to the Acadian Ancestral Home blog have been reading the past couple of months. It has become a mix of family sharing, genealogy and history and whatever other musings that might come to mind in the future.

Bloggers are now able to cluster into groups and that adds to my interest in sharing the information I have on my Acadian & French-Canadian Ancestral Home website as well any new information I might find.

Some bloggers also share a great bit of technologicial information on a variety of topics. That interests me immensely.

So if you have ever thought about having your own blog I say give it a try. You might be surprised at how much fun it is and you will get to meet some of the nicest people.

My blog is nested on Blogger. Blooger is free and so is Wordpess. If you search about I'm sure you can find other free blog space but in my estimation these two are probably the most popular.

If you are a genealogy and history researcher, you might want to join Geneabloggers Geneabloggers has links to hundreds of genealogy and history blogs. Each week you will find the links to new sites that have joined Geneabloggers. If you are on Facebook, Geneabloggers is there too. Geneabloggers answers a variety of questions including some of the technology one might want to use in a blog.

If you decide to blog, you might also want to submit one of your blogs to the Carnival Blog - blogs can be submitted on a variety of topics. In fact, last week I submitted a blog to the Carnival for Local History that you can read at the drop down menu in the blog archives bottom right of the sidebar. It is entitled: My Hometown: Methuen, Massachusetts dated April 21, 2009.

What I have shared in today's blog is just the tip of the iceberg as to how enjoyable blogging has become for thousands of people. As many visitors to this blog know, I have a huge website. It is lots of work to build one page before it goes online - blogging is so much easier and for some blogging has replaced having a website.

That's it in a nutshell but before I go I want to talk about Evelyn Thériault's blog mentioned above.

In addition to what Evelyn shares about family genealogy and history, you will also see vintage postcards she has collected. Some of them are of places where her ancestors lived at one others are from different places in Quebec, Montreal and New Brunswick. Looking at these old postcards is worth the visit to her blog! I look forward to seeing each new postcard she shares that I've not seen before. This is a blog you don't want to miss!

Thank you for your visit.


Evelyn Yvonne Theriault said...

Lucie, thank you for your kind mention of my A Canadian Family site. Your opinion means a lot to me.
As you know my main reason for using a blogging platform as opposed to a more traditional website is that I’ve been amassing so much information – about so many family lines - for so many years – that I was paralyzed when I sat down to write my family history! Blogging is a great way to approach the information in little chunks, start pulling together all my visual and textual resources and locate any gaps.
Thanks for mentioned the postcards. I think my vintage postcards of Quebec and New Brunswick are what visitors will find most interesting or useful to their family history.
Your friend,
Evelyn in Montreal

Lucie LeBlanc Consentino said...

My pleasure to make known what I consider an excellent and fact-filled blog.