Monday, March 09, 2009

Mothers of Acadia mtDNA Project. Names

Dear Cousins,

Here is the Mothers of Acadia mtDNA Project information that I thought would be helpful to share on my blog. This comes from the project site and is self-explanatory. I am the administrator so feel free to contact me if you are interested or have any questions.

Project Names:

Aimée, Jeanne, Anne-Marie spouse of Pinet and Raimbault, Arnault,Marie, Aubois, Marie (Christine), Aucoin, Jeanne & Michelle, Bajolet, Barbe, Basile, Perrine, Bastineau dit Peltier, Louise, Bayon, Rose, Bernon, Anne, Berteau (Bertrand), Cécile, Boileau, Marguerite, Bourg, Perrine, Breau, Renée, Brunet, Marie, Bugaret,Catherine, Cajun, Canol, Marie-Anne, Caplan, Catherine, Caplan, Madeleine, Caplan, Marguerite, Caplan, Marie-Louise, Catherine spouse of Jean Labarre and Étienne Rivet, Chaussegros, Marie, Chebrat, Jeanne, Corbineau, Françoise, D'Amours de Chauffours, Louise, Doucet, Marguerite spouse of Abraham Dugas, Dugard, Marie-Antoinette, Forest,Geneviève, Gaudet,Françoise, Gaudet,Marie, Gauthier, Martine, Gautrot, Anne, Guyon,Andrée, Hélie, Madeleine, Henry, Jeanne, Housseau, Marguerite, Jarouselle, Susanne, Jean dit Madelon, Isabelle-Madeleine, Jeanne, Andrée-Angélique, Kagigconiac, Jeanne, Lambert, Radegonde, Landry, Antoinette, Lavache, Anne, Lefranc, Geneviève, Lejeune, Catherine, Lejeune,Edmée, Lejeune,Jeanne, Marie spouse of François Gautrot, Marie spouse of Philippe Mius d'Azy, Marie-Thérèse spouse of Claude Petitpas, Martin, Marie-Madeleine, Mathilde, 1st spouse of Baron de Saint-Castin, Michel, Jacquette, Motin de Reux, Jeanne, Orly, Marie, Ouestnorouest dit Petitous, Anne, Patarabego, Anne, Piddiwamiskwa, Marie, Rau, Perrine, Rousselière, Jeanne, Saint-Étienne de La Tour, Jeanne de, Soubirou, Isabeau dite Judith, Toupin, Françoise, Unknown spouse of Philippe Mius d'Azy, Vigneau, Catherine

Project Background:

Please note that more information is available on the mtDNA Proven Origins page at the ACADIAN ANCESTRAL HOME

The Mothers of Acadia mtDNA Project is intended to test descendants of the pioneer Mothers of Acadia whether of French or of Native extraction. This project is dedicated to all of the founding Mothers of Acadia.

The objective of this project is to identify the origins of those Mothers of Acadia. Because of the Deportation and exile of 1755, many records were lost and/or destroyed at that time.

At this time in our history, mitochondrial DNA testing, or mtDNA testing, provides a vehicle to establish whether these pioneer women were of European or of Native origin. Because of missing records that would have identified the origins of these ancestral Mothers, there has been a great deal of controversy regarding their origins -- though noted genealogists attribute most of them as having come from France/Europe. These tests are helping to resolve some of these controversies.

mtDNA, is based solely on one's direct maternal line. Both women and men can be mtDNA tested. If you descend from one Mothers of Acadia listed above, please consider mtDNA testing.

To qualify for mtDNA testing, one's direct maternal line begins with you, then goes to your mother, and to her mother, to her mother, and so forth, ending when you have gone as far as possible in your maternal line.

It would be preferable to share your maternal line with the administrator of this project - before testing - so it can be verified. If your maternal line is not complete, we can help you with that also.

If you have questions about your maternal line prior to testing, or if you have already been tested but need any help at all, please send Lucie a message. It would be quite helpful to you and to the project that your maternal line be verified prior to testing.

Thank you for your collaboration!

For more mtDNA results of participants who joined the mtDNA Proven Origins project begun two years ago, please go to the
ACADIAN ANCESTRAL HOME and click on mtDNA Proven Origins at the sidebar.


Evelyn Yvonne Theriault said...

I can vouch for this project and it's certainly been growing by leaps and bounds over the past two years.
It's an exciting new area for people interested in their past and I really like the collaborative aspect of it.
Evelyn in Montreal

LucieMC said...

Thank you Evelyn. We do need more people to participate who have a direct connection to one of the founding Mothers of Acadia. This is a worthwhile and exciting project indeed!