Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Theo & Mom

Dear Cousins,

Sorry if I continue to brag a bit but to date this is my favorite photo of our daughter Rebecca and our grandson Theo. Mom & Son... something very special about this photo! (Photo has been removed)

On the genealogy front, Stephen White has returned to work at the university after being hospital for about 12 days.

Some members of the AFC list have formed a team to set up an Acadian database. They have been working diligently at this and so far so good. Where to post it when it is complete has not yet been decided so stay tuned.

Over the past two weeks I created a website for the Daughters of the American Revolution Chapter I recently transferred to. This chapter is much closer to home so that I can participate in its activities. The chapter had no website so I volunteered to build one. We are now waiting for the State and National VIS committees to review - and hopefully approve - the site without any glitches. I followed all the guidelines for DAR sites and had it proofed and reviewed by two State officers. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed. The site was created for the Brig. Gen. James Brickett - Old Newbury Chapter. It is a Haverhill, Massachusetts chapter. Originally two separate chapters, the Brickett and the Old Newbury were merged in 2007.

Did you now that some Acadians fought in the American Revolution? My Patriot is Michel Bourg/Bourque who married Ursule Foret/Forest. He fought under Captain Isaiah Boudreau and Colonel Jonathan Eddy of Massachusetts who fought under George Washington. The goal was to retake Fort Cumberland that had fallen to the British in 1755 when known as Fort Beauséjour. The attempt failed but these Acadian men will be forever part of the history of the American Revolution. For more information just contact me at LucieMC@acadian-home.org.

The list of Acadian men who fought is on my Acadian Ancestral Home website. Not all married though most did. Stephen White wrote an article about these men and it is on the Stephen White portion of my website at the sidebar. I have created a sub site entitled Stephen White if you would like to read this article and/or other information he sends me. I still have an enormous amount of information he has sent me that needs to be posted. Once more, stay tuned!

We are having an awful lot of snow in Massachusetts this winter. I can't wait for spring to arrive - the earlier the better even if the ground hog did see his shadow. I don't believe all that do you? hmmm

On another front we are preparing for our youngest daughter's wedding in May. Sarah and Corey's engagement was in this past Sunday's newspaper. We look forward to Corey being a member of our family. That will make two great sons-in-law!

Meanwhile, I have been baby sitting Theo quite a bit. I sing to him in French and talk to him in French. He listens very intently and now tries to sing lol. Our daughter has asked that I speak to him in French to help him learn the language. I'm happy about that.

I hope you all had great holidays as did we. It is just great to have a baby in the family once again!


Your Cousin Lucie


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Anne's BLOG said...

Thanks for the invitation to visit your blog. I've signed up as a follower (my wedding picture is only 58 years old.) Thanks for ALL that you do, Lucie!

LucieMC said...

Thank you Anne. It is great to have you onboard ;o)