Friday, December 05, 2008

More mtDNA Results - and a correction to last blog

Dear Cousins,

I just had to share this latest photo of my new and first grandson, Theo. He even has his own blog called Theodorable ;o)

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We did and it is so fun to now have a little one in our midst once again.

Now we are into Christmas preparations and it will be here before we know it. Since Theo was born time has just flown. Christmas is on the horizon and right after the holidays we will be into wedding preparations for our other daughter who will be married May 17th. All wonderful events!

This week we received one more result for a descendant of Marguerite Doucet daughter of Germain Doucet and Unknown spouse and two mtDNA results for descendants of Jeanne Rousselière. The interesting thing about these last two results is that they helped to complete a lineage that had hit a brick wall years ago. There is now enough of an Acadian database to help us know what the outcome of a maternal line should be once we receive the haplotype and the mutations. I've stated before that mtDNA results are also helping to correct genealogical errors long thought to be correct. It is more and more evident that mtDNA testing is a win-win situation. How fortunate we are to have this scientific venue to help us. As everyone knows, Acadian genealogy is difficult at best because of the many records lost/destroyed at the time of the Deportation in 1755.

Now it does continue to baffle me as to why we have been unable to find some descendants who descend from Native ancestors who had progeny. We seem to have a difficult time finding those people or they coming forward. We continue to hope. It would be nice to have results for the Native founding Mothers of Acadia as well as the European/French founding Mothers.

A correction from my last blog:

I stated on my last blog that there was no proof that any of the children of François Joseph were the children of Jeanne Lejeune dit Briard - well I was mistaken and I have even mentioned on my website in both the Census of 1708 and in a marriage record that Catherine was the daughter of Jeanne as stated in those records. What I should have said is it is pre-supposed that the other children were Jeanne's but there is no actual proof - by proof meaning official records that state Jeanne as the mother of the other children. Having said that, the family is listed together in the Census of 1693. So at this juncture people will and have drawn whatever conclusions they will. For my part, I simply want to correct the mis-information I shared in my last blog and I thank a reader of this blog and a visitor to the Acadian Ancestral Home for the heads up in the conflicting information on my blog versus my website.

If any of you descend from any of the Founding Mothers of Acadia that can be found at the Acadian Ancestral Home please contact me. Please consider being mtDNA tested. There is even a special price offered by Family Tree DNA until December 31st.

Whatever you do, enjoy your Christmas preparations - life is too short to be stressed by the hubub and busy-ness of the holiday. It should be a really fun time!


Your Cousin Lucie

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