Monday, June 23, 2008

Dear Cousins,

It has been quite a while since I've shared information with all of you on the AAH blog but here I am at last.

As most everyone we had a really difficult winter - spring began hot and quickly cooled down with lots of rain. When I was able to check our property we'd had all kinds of winter damage and it actually took all of spring for me to get the lawn back to where it was before winter. We have finally arrived and I cannot believe it is already June 23rd.

For anyone research their Acadian or French-Canadian families, you might be interested in joining the Acadian-French-Canadian RootsWeb mailing list. Just send an email to - type Suscribe in the subject line. Leave the body of the message blank and you'll automatically become a member. Everybody on the AFC list is terrific and helpful to everyone who posts a query. So please consider joining us and being part of a great online "family" ;o)

If this is your first visit to the Acadian Ancestral Home blog then a big warm welcome! You might want to visit the Acadian Ancestral Home web site. It is chuck full of information to help you in your research.

Since I last blogged I have been very busy with the Mothers of Acadia mtDNA Project.

You might want to check out the project site to see if you descend from any of the Founding Mothers of Acadia. The project is progressing well and was only created to obtain direct maternal line mitochondrial dna - for short: mtDNA. If you are interested and have not yet completed your direct maternal line, just drop me a line and we'll help you with that. Both men and women can be mtDNA tested. Mothers pass on their mtDNA to all of their children. Their daughters pass it on to their children but men do not pass on their mother's mtDNA to their children. That is why it is necessary to know your direct maternal line. In brief, that means from you to your mother, to her mother, to her mother and so on as far back as you can go.

This summer I have been invited to speak in Quebec, West Pubnico and Cheticamp. With everything going on with our family this year, I have had to pass at this time - I hated to pass as I love to speak about our heritage as I believe it is always a privilege to speak about our history and our Ancestors.

At the end of April I presented two workshops at the American-Canadian Genealogical Society in Manchester, New Hampshire.

If any local groups are interested in having me as a speaker, please send me a private email.

We have had lots of good news in our family. Our married daughter and son-in-law are expecting their first child so we will finally be grandparents. Our other daughter is engaged to be married next May. So a baby in the fall, the holidays and in no time we will be marrying off our youngest daughter. So much to look forward to on these happy occassions.

I want to take a moment to thank all of you who visit the Acadian Ancestral Home on a regular basis and who read this blog. I appreciate all of the email that I receive encouraging me in the on-going work that I do to help everyone with their family research. If I've not heard from you yet why not join the AFC list - that is an easy way to reach me at all times ;o)

Have a great summer. If you are traveling, keep safe and enjoy.

Should any of you be in the Grand-Pré area at the end of July, Stephen White will be speaking. He will also be speaking at Louisbourg in the fall.

Hugs to all of you dear cousins & Vive l'Acadie!

Your cousin,


Maurice said...

Good morning Lucie,

It's so good to hear that all is fine with you and yours. I know how busy one can get, so I wasn't surprised to see such a long time between the blogs.
That said, this blog is my favorite way to open my browser. I simply go to the email you sent us way back in September 2006, and click on the link.
Could you please post the dates for Stephen White's conferences for us. I really don't know if I will have the time to take a trip, but at least it could help in planning the summer.


Maurice LeBlanc
From the Richelieu Valley LeBlanc family

Lynne Baggett Dziezynski said...

Oh my gosh!! I can't believe that I found this web site!! My name is Lynne Marie Baggett Dziezynski. My 87 year old father is James Frances Baggett, son of Matilda (White) Baggett and Joseph Baggett.When I googled her name, your site came up!! The anniversary of her death was yesterday, July 8th, 1943. My Dad was in the South Pacific when she died and he has yet to come to peace with the fact that the Navy would not allow him to go home for her funeral. I plan on sitting down and doing more searching on the web.
Again, thank you for your wonderful page and I'm sure, the many hours that it took to get it to this point!!
Sincerely, Lynne

Anonymous said...

OH NO...I made a serious mistake!! Yesterday was Matilda (White) Baggetts' birthday anniversary, not the anniversary of her death!!
I was so excited about seeing her name in your article that I got the dates mixed up. My Dad remembers her more on her birthday than on Dec. 6th which is the anniversary of her death!!
Lynne Dziezynski