Monday, January 14, 2008

Yet more mtDNA results!

How exciting is this? Another result to Radegonde Lambert and another to Francoise Gaudet.

There will soon be a list by Stephen A. White regarding the Founding Mothers of Acadia posted to the Acadian Ancestral Home web site.

The list concerns those Mothers for whom we have mtDNA results, those for whom we hope to have results and those who have no female progeny so those remain as is. Stay tuned!

I received a nice message from Cathy of Vancouver about headstone photos she has found on the Acadian Ancestral Home. For Cathy: you can download the photos you find to your own computer and for you family files. So glad for you. Enjoy!

Please let me hear from you when you find something on the Acadian Ancestral Home that has helped you in your research.


You Cousin

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Cathy said...

Dear Lucie:

Thank you so much, Lucie. It was so exciting for me to see all of the photos of ancestral headstones on your website. When I started seeing other names such as Cormier, Babin, LeBlanc, etc., I was even more excited. I am just in awe at all of the work and time you and others have put into your family project. It really is a work of love representing thousands of hours.

With each new little bit of information I find, that leads me in turn to something else. It has been great being a part of the website as well. In many of the public trees that I have looked at, there are wonderful little notes that I have found so interesting to read. It's easy to take little cyber "road trips" when you find a wife or a cousin that you know and that leads you to some very unexpected places.

Thank you for your kind permission to download pictures of the tombstones that I find as well as other information. When I download, I have been making sure that I resource the material as I am fully aware of the amount of time and personal creativity that has gone into your work. You are incredibly kind to offer your work to others that share your heritage. I am deeply grateful to you.

Isn't it great to be able to call so many folks "cousin."

Yes, I will email you each time I find something which connects to my family. I have pictures of Onesime Gautreau and Bibienne Bourque (my great-grandparents--of course, that I never knew) that were sent to my son several years ago. I thought, when I saw the pictures how much my dad looked like his grandfather. If anyone out there shares the same lineage, I would be more than happy to share the pictures through email. I will ask my son again who sent him the pictures. I know it was another relative. I believe my grandfather's brother's daughter who at the time was working in the geneology department at the University of New Brunswick. Anyway, the pictures are wonderful. I was very excited to have them.

Take care. Many thanks again for the "gift" of your wonderful website.

Your cousin,
Cathy Harding (nee Gotro)
Vancouver Island, Canada