Thursday, January 17, 2008

What about census records?

Did you know that you cannot always rely on census records to be correct? For instance, the Acadians had a real thing about giving their correct ages when enumerated in Acadia. I was told that one person who gave correct information each time he and his family was enumerated was none other than Daniel LeBlanc.

So many people rely on census records to be totally accurate. They rarely are. Do you always know what you are searching for in those records?

For instance years ago I went to NEHGS in Boston to look at a census records where I should have been able to find my grandfather and his first wife as well as his parents, my great grandparents. Well I went though that microfilm so many times - I was about to call it a day when it dawned on me to look under White. There they were alright!

So we have to remember that especially in the Canadian Maritimes the enumerators were the English who had taken over the lands of the Acadians at the time of exile. In this particular case, the enumerator who did Dundas parish had changed all of the French names to English names wherever possible.

By the way, there are 30 census records on the Acadian Ancestral Home beginning with early Acadian censuses.

Other research information you will find: Parish Registers for Beaubassin, Ekoupahag, Grand-Pre. An explanation of the Church Diocese, a Timeline, information about the Acadian dykes, Acadian history, Acadian life, Acadian pioneers, Acadian villages, Mothers of Acadia, Chignecto Region, Historic Figures, History by Placide Gaudet, all kinds of maps, excerpts from the Nova Scotia Archives, Port-Toulouse, St-Jehan ship's list and the Tintamarre.

I will continue to post data that is available in future blogs. Meanwhile, come by and visit the Acadian Ancestral Home and let me hear from you.

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Wherever you are, keep well and be happy to know who you are through the discovery of your roots.


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I am uncertain of my genalogy link to either of the Richard's family in the three areas. I am a distant relative who family root in the southeastern part of Texaas,near the western lousiana border. My grandparent's record was destroyed in the courthouse fire. I was told by the county clerk that record from 1870-80 is unavailable. I would like to know how my relatives is link to the patriarchs of the family.