Saturday, January 05, 2008

More mtDNA results are in! Another mtDNA result and maternal line has been posted to the Acadian Ancestral Home on the mtDNA Proven Origins page. This is another result that takes us to Catherine Lejeune. This is the sixth result we have for this ancestor. The results show that she and her sister Edmee Lejeune were from Europe.

The indexing of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia cemeteries by the AFC RootsWeb mailing list volunteers is moving full speed ahead. With some 140+ pages to index, today there are only 30 left. What phenomenally dedicated volunteers.

If you have family or ancestors buried in New Brunswick or Nova Scotia, you can view, download and save the photos of the headstone that belong to your family by going to the Acadian Ancestral Home Cemeteries.

For now St-Charles-Nativity, Amherst is the only cemetery on the site for Nova Scotia but as of yesterday a "cousin" who has taken photos of the Cape Breton cemeteries burned them on a CD and mailed them. I should have those sometime next week and will put them on the web site immediately. These have been already been indexed by her.

When spring arrives, my Moncton cousins plan to take photos of more cemeteries including some in Nova Scotia. There is also a cousin in northern New Brunswick who is taking photos there. So stay tuned! We aren't done yet. This certainly has snowballed into a magnificent project providing so many people who may never go to the Maritimes with these photos.

At present there are 60,000+ photos available on the web site.

Today here in Massachusetts the cold snap has broken and we are beginning to feel the warm up of our usual January thaw. What a relief!

Wherever you are and whatever you do, I hope you had wonderfully warm holidays with the gift of family and/or friends. I also hope you may have received the gift of research books!

If you would like to join the Acadian-French-Canadian Roots Web Mailing list just send an email to with the word subscribe in the subject line and nothing at all in the body.

Thanks to so many of you - so numerous that I cannot begin to name - who write to me regularly and support the work that I do. Your kind words are always greatly appreciated.


Your cousin Lucie


Cathy said...

Hello, Lucie!

I was finally able to find some precious time to work on my family tree again--on my father's side--Gautreau. I took a trip back to your site, and oh, wht amazing things you have done. I couldn't believe the amazing work of you and so many others with photographing and indexing all of those tombstones from all of those cemeteries. What an amazing labour of family love!! I found my great-grandfather/grandmother's tombstone and my brother's and sisters out west here have been viewing it as well. Omesime Gautreau and Bibienne Bourque from Memramcook, N.B. There are so many others, too. Thank you so very much. Enjoy looking at your work over and over. I always learn something new.

Best regards,
Cathy Harding (nee Gotro)
Vancouver Island, Canada

karen said...

Hello, my name is Karen Leblanc Hodge. I have been searching for information about my grandparents for some time now. I recently traveled to Memramcook on my way to Peggy's cove for a vacation. Unfortunately i could not stay long enough to do the research of my family. Everyone in our family is interested in this ancestery. We have tarveled from Memramcook, to Maine to Niagara Falls, New York. i live in the western NY area now. Please write me, I may be contacted at
Thank you for reading, hope to hear from you soon.