Friday, January 11, 2008

The Founding Mothers of Acadia - Last week Stephen White sent me an updated list he put together listing all of the founding Mothers of Acadia. The purpose of this list is to show those Acadian women for whom we have received mtDNA results, those we would need results for and those who had no progeny therefore there will be no mtDNA testing going back to them.

With Steve's permission this list will soon be posted to the Acadian Ancestral Home

I have been searching for proper graphics for the page. When done it will be near the top of the sidebar so that it is close to the mtDNA Proven Origins page as well as the Haplogroups page.

Regarding the cemetery indexing project that has been in the works since November, I am happy to say that thanks to very dedicated volunteers who are members of the Acadian French Canadian RootsWeb mailing list - AFC list for short - there are only a few pages left to be indexed.

In the mail to me are photos of St-Joseph du Moine and St. Michael's cemeteries on Cape Breton. As mentioned in a previous post, those photos have already been indexed so they will be searchable as soon as they have been uploaded to the Acadian Ancestral Home Cemetery pages. A promise of five cemeteries photos for northern New Brunswick continues to expand this project. From the information sent to me many researchers have been able to download photos of their family/ancestor headstones for the own records.

Recently Dick Eastman wrote about the cemetery project in his weekly newsletter. How nice was that?

It is raining here today but snow is coming once again. Meanwhile we have enjoyed very nice mild weather.

Wherever you are be happy - knock down the brick walls and let me hear from you.


Your cousin Lucie

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Cheri said...

Hi Lucie,
I have to agree with you. I have been researching my maternal and paternal sides for 10 yrs. The internet is great, but to find cousins, etc...or they find you through genealogy groups is even better. I have found or been found by family members who were able to fill in holes of information. They had the documents to back their information up making me feel secure in its exactness. I too believe a search should only be informational as to who and where you descend with it we learn more about the history of our world and its people for instance, I typed in Ingram and Sheffield into the google search engines and found you, but also history I knew nothing about. I had wondered how English sounding names would be considered French and first language French, I had always been told by my gramps he was Blk. Irish, Scottish, English and German. Funny how these searches can take you in such interesting avenues!
I think it is interesting to see what traits we may have had passed down, ie an ability for art, science, etc...
I too am a Marchand. My tree branches from our first arrival Don Pedro Marchan(d), I found it interesting that his brother came by way of Genoa, not Italy, but Spain. At the time it was part of the country of Spain and that all the early Marchand's were educated in the Louisiana territory of France. Making one wonder if my grandfather is correct it that those there may also be related through cousins and uncles. As my granny always said we are a small world and if we look back far enough we are all probably related in one way or another.
Thank you for your website and for the education on a people I didn't know even existed.
Cheri Marchand Schilling