Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Acadian Deportation of 1755 and all of its ramifications can be found at the Acadian Ancestral Home.

The following can be found: Wars & Treaties, The Pembroke by Paul Delaney, the St. John River 1755-1760 by Stephen A. White; information about the Acadians who died at sea, Beaubassin, Deportation paintings, Deportation Order, Deportation Cross, Deportation Ships, Deportation Ships' lists, Louisbourg History, Louisbourg 1745, Thomas Pichon, Spy - was there a witness to the deportation?

You will also find e-books such as Acadian Exiles by Doughty, Acadian Exiles by Ledet and a chapter entitled Acadian Removal by Parkman.

My next blog will contain more resources available to you at the Acadian Ancestral Home.

I welcome anyone interested in finding their Acadian & French-Canadian roots to join my Acadian French-Canadian Roots Web mailing list by sending an email to the following address - write *only* the word SUBSCRIBE in the subject line and leave the body of the email blank. Many good researchers on this list who will be happy to help you.


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