Wednesday, December 26, 2007

What a wonderful Christmas!

Our family's Christmas was marvelous and I hope that yours was too~

Big news:
I have been appointed Administrator of the Acadian GenWeb site. Acadian GenWeb is one of the many project sites of Canada GenWeb. My friend and "cousin" Michele Doucette had been administrator for several years and wanting to relinquish that role I have been named the new administrator.

The Acadian Ancestral Home will be the backbone of Acadian GenWeb just as Dave Hunter's Island Register is the back bone of the PEI GeneWeb site. I am pleased to help in this way and proud to be a member of the Canada GenWeb team.

In the midst of all of this excitement and creating a page for Acadian GenWeb on my server, indexes for the New Brunwick and Nova Scotia cemeteries continue to move forward on the Acadian Ancestral Home. Quite a few were proof read and posted to the various cemetery pages. Some are in the process of being proofed while indexing of other pages continues. The indexes will certainly make it much easier for researchers to find burial places of their family members from New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.

That is all the news for today as we walk toward the end of 2007 except that, yes, snow is on its way. Another 3 inches tomorrow. The totals reported earlier this week is that so far we have 2 feet. I am eager for spring! (smile)


Your cousin Lucie

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