Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The lecture at NEHGS in Boston on Saturday was very well received. In fact, I received a message from the Director of Education yesterday telling me he looks forward to another opportunity to invite me in the future.

The part I enjoyed mostly was not only the opportunity to lecture at NEHGS but it was also the wonderful people I met. Everyone who attended was of Acadian descent except three people who came out of interest and to meet me. My family also came and it was the first time they have been present at one of my lectures. It was just wonderful having everyone there.

This evening the Christmas season really gets a good kick off when since I will be going to the Christmas Pops at Symphony Hall in Boston. Our daughter Rebecca and her husband Tyler sing with the Tanglewood Chorus so this is always a treat in many ways.

This evening I will be attending with Tyler's Mom who is flying in just to attend. She lives in Utah but has been visiting her daughter in Pennsylvania so she is coming today on her way home to Utah. I will be picking her up at the airport in a few hours. Next week I go to the Christmas Pops with my other daughter Sarah and a few of my friends. We make it a ladies' night out (smile).

More information has been added to mtDNA Proven Origins page on my web site.

I was so pleased on Monday when I received a message from a person who has volunteered to photograph five cemeteries for my web site. So in addition to Hector, his wife Jeanita and Francis we now have this individual who volunteered to add more cemeteries. This is certainly a great service to people who will never be able to go to the Maritimes and visit the graves of their ancestors. It is also proving to be very helpfull to people who do go to the Maritimes and who even live there. I have been receiving messages from some who visit that they were not able to find the graves they were searching for in some of the large cemeteries. Now they have photos of the headstones they could not find.

There is always one more thing to find, one more thing to search for and one more thing to share.
I just love it!

Wherever you live, be happy! Life is too short not to be.


Your Cousin Lucie

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