Monday, December 17, 2007

It was quite a storm! For the 3rd time in two weeks we have had a snowstorm.. another nor'easter. Last year saw no snow until March but this is New England and it is true when you hear "if you don't like the weather, wait a minute.." because it does change quickly. A few days ago a good eight inches of snow fell and yesterday another eight. Then we had sleet topped off by rain. You may well imagine that this morning the roads are pretty slick but the temperatures are rising little by little so that by noon the driving should not be too bad.

This noon one of my friends is taking me out for Christmas lunch. It should be lots of fun. It is the funniest thing how we became such good friends. Deb and her husband have lived in the home behind us for some twenty-five years. Several years ago there was a lot of wild "stuff" growing between our properties on their portion of a hill we share. I saw Deb out there trying to clean up and I offered to help. After getting together a few times one morning she shared how her father had been a musician and had died pretty young. I asked his name and told her my husband probably knew him since he too had been a musician all of his life and had played with many local bands. Lo and behold! It turned out that my husband and her father had been best of friends and went to college together and remembered Deb as a little girl.

Long story short, Deb and I have been very good friends for sometime now. She and her husband are just the best!

On the genealogy front, more mtDNA results have been added to the Acadian Ancestral Home

The latest results go back to Madeleine Helie wife of Philippe Mius D'Entremont and the first wife of their son Philippe d'Azy who we already new was Native but this solidifies that information.

This morning I received a message from Stephen White that he dug a bit deeper to see if he could find a baptismal record for Delphine Benoit to ascertain who her mother was since her marriage record did not include her mother's given name. Indeed she was the daughter of Ursule Marche and Louis Benoit - this family was in Sandy Point, Newfoundland. Delphine was baptized Adelphine at the age of 2-1/2 years of age. There has been a great deal of speculation that Ursule Marche was Delphine's mother but with not documented proof and with the absence of her mother's name in the marriage record, it had been more of an assumption than anything. So this is another mystery put to rest for no matter what information we found in Newfoundland no one had documented proof - they just "believed it was so". Thanks to Stephen White and his persistence in getting to the truth, another mystery solved!

Hopefully those of you who have been buried by weekend snowstorms are doing okay. In spite of the weather we had in New England, the Patriots won their fourteenth football game and stand at 14 wins and 0 lossses ;o) and Tiger Woods won the Target Golf Tournament! yay ;o)

Wherever you are take care and let's all be united as cousins are especially during the holidays!


Your cousin Lucie

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