Saturday, December 29, 2007

As 2007 comes to a close it is time to reflect on the gifts we received and the gifts we shared.

I remember when I was a child how on New Eve we would gather at the home of my grandparents and at the stroke of midnight Pépère would give us his blessing for the new year.

On New Year's day or evening we would go to ma tante Adele's who had a New Year's party every year. Boy it was great in those days that there was so much extended family to enjoy, share and party with.

Today families are much smaller and most have moved to the suburbs so that the proverbial meeting up with everyone only at weddings and funerals has become the norm. How very sad.

Well I made a resolution a couple of years ago that I have kept and continue to make it part of my plan for 2008. I resolved to contact members of my family throughout the year be it by phone or electronically though I would much prefer to see them in person. Everybody in today's society is so busy that we just don't see one another enough!

My wish and my prayer for all of my cousins wherever you are is that you find and connect with more and more cousins as you search your roots. It is amazing how many people we are truly connected with. I just love it each time I hear from someone who is a "cousin"!

Wherever you are and whatever you do, I hope you will be with family to ring in 2008!


Your cousin Lucie

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