Friday, April 27, 2007

Dear Cousins,

The days and the weeks seem to fly by so quickly with all of the projects I have going. There is always something new to find, to post and to share with others.

On March 27th I was the guest of the General Consul of Canada to Boston, Neil LeBlanc. Neil and his family are from Nova Scotia and it is just great that an Acadian was named as Consul to Boston. It was a wonderful evening spent with Neil and his wife Grace as well as the other invited guests. My daughter who is a professor at Salem State College accompanied me for the evening. I invited Neil to the ACGS Fall Conference at the end of September. He entered the date in his calendar and will try to be there.

Pictured above: Grace d'Entremont LeBlanc, Neil LeBlanc General Consul of Canada to Boston and Lucie LeBlanc Consentino

The affair was to celebrate Francophone Week and it was held at the historic Langham Hotel in downtown Boston. The food fare was unbelievable and the entertainment from Quebec was phenomenal. The Francophone evening was organized by the Quebec Delegation to Boston and TV5Monde of Quebec as well as the France Consulate.

More mtDNA results are in and they are all posted to my web site at Acadian Ancestral Home

This past Wednesday, Pauline and Bernice d'Entremont visited from Pubnico, Nova Scotia. They are nieces of Father Clarence d'Entremont who was one of the great Acadian researchers. When he passed he left his many papers, books and maps to the Acadian Museum of West Pubnico. Both Pauline and Bernice have worked with great commitment these past ten years to grow the museum and research center.

From my home we drove to the American-Canadian Genealogical Society in Manchester, New Hampshire where they donated some great research books to the society. In exchange we will give them some Acadian records they do not yet have.

While with them they invited me to make a presentation at the Acadian Festival they are organizing at the Acadian Museum in July. One day will be dedicated to genealogy. It is a privilege to be invited and to be able to make a contribution to this wonderful organization. Maybe you will be in Nova Scotia mid July? If so wouldn't it be great to get together! ;o) The date of my presentation is July 18th.

Next Saturday May 5th, I will make two presentations at ACGS mentioned above. One will be on mtDNA results of the Acadian pioneer women and the other on Acadian research and history. If you live within traveling distance of Manchester, New Hampshire, why not join us for the day. There will be many other great workshops.

More travel coming up: one of our daughters has been wanting me to travel with her this summer and though I agreed and love traveling with her our hearts were set on going to Europe. Earlier this year air line prices were pretty prohibitive. We kept looking for some place we might travel in the U.S. Nothing seemed to appeal to either of us. Lo and behold, yesterday our daughter the professor sent me a message that British Airways had a special going on. (She and her husband perform each summer at the Gilbert & Sullivan Festival in Buxton, England.)

Needless to say, the airline was indeed offering a good deal so we purchased our tickets asap. The sale ended last night at midnight so we got in right under the wire. We leave August 6th for London where we will go sightseeing until the morning of August 8th. Then we'll head to Buxton Opera House where the performance will be held that evening. On the 9th or 10th of August back to London we go for another day of sightseeing. On the 10th or 11th we take the train to Paris for two or three days then back to London. We fly home on August 15th. I cannot tell you how excited we all are! My first trip to Europe and of course I have wanted to go to France forever ;o)

Two weeks ago I became the administrator of a new Roots Web mailing list. It is the Acadian-French-Canadian list organized to help researchers from New England states and the Maritimes regions of Canada.

If you would like to subscribe to this list please send an email to with the word "subscribe" in the subject line and in the body of the email with no additional text. Over a hundred people have subscribed and the list is going very well.

If you are doing Louisiana research I highly recommend that you join the Acadian-Cajun list at by sending a message to Margy Bousman at
Margy does a great job as administrator of that list. I mention this because the Acadian-French-Canadian mailing list will not be addressing issues dealing with Louisiana/Cajun research. A list for "northerners" has long been needed so this is the thrust and focus of the list as approved by Roots Web.

So as you see there is lots going on and I hope you are all as busy as I am!

My very best,


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eileenmarie said...

Hello Lucie.
I'm your destant cousin from Louisiana. I just got back from two weeks in France. We stayed in an apartment in Paris for a week, then moved down to the Loire valley. We visited Martaize and La Chaussee.
There is a plaque in the church commemorating Antoine Borque. I was able to visit with some ldies who tried to figure out if I had relatives who were still in their town. Apparently Jean and Perrine Therriot left relatives behind when they traveled to Canada.