Sunday, February 11, 2007

Dear Cousins,

It has certainly been a while since I have posted a blog but here I am at last!

Finally I have completed the transcriptions for the city where I live. It took mega hours to wrap it all up thus one of the reasons why I have not blogged lately.

The other is since my work as transcriber ended, I have been updating my web site. The last two pieces I added yesterday were two art pieces by Glenn Adams entitled "Memramcook East" and "Minoudie" - two beautiful pastoral scenes. I had to wait until I received a license agreement and copyright privilege before posting but the wait has been more than worthwhile. The pieces are just beautiful!

New mtDNA results have come in and all are posted to the Acadian Ancestral Home

Recently, there was a posting concerning a "Study of the Native American Ancestry
of Pierre Lejeune and his French-Native American wife" in the Lejeune Genforum - based on many suppositions and without true fact, Stephen A. White, Genealogist, Moncton University, has refuted that "Study" in a piece he wrote entitled "A Closer Look at Some of the Records". It can be found on my web site at the top of the sidebar with links that can take you to the "Study" as well. It is a very interesting read.

The latest work done on the Acadian Ancestral Home is a subdomain section for all of the cemetery photos cousins Francis LeBlanc, Hector Boudreau and his wife Jeanita LeBlanc have been taking of the New Brunswick Acadian cemeteries. So far there are over 12,000 photos of tombstones they have taken of various cemeteries and these may be accessed on the web site by clicking on Acadian Cemeteries of New Brunswick close to the top of the sidebar. More photos of other cemeteries will be forthcoming as soon as the weather warms up.

New information is added regularly to the Acadian Ancestral Home and is easily found by looking for the items with the red arrow "new".

I have been invited to present two workshops at the American Canadian Genealogical Society on May 5th. One will be on mtDNA and the results we have received and the other will be on Acadian research and history.

One thing I would like to mention in this blog is that when you visit web sites even though it might be tempting to take graphics, photos and information that you like, I would encourage you to contact the owner of that site and not to take anything without permission. Last week I quite accidentally came across a blog that had a copy of the graphic I have for Louisbourg on my site. I knew it came from my site because when I have permission to use something, I always title it with a graphic of my own choosing for my web site. When I wrote to that blogger he wrote back totally indignant telling me that *I* lacked ethics in writing to him. Ethics are lacking when people take without asking. I usually share readily when it comes to information but I can often not share graphics because of copyright, etc. Sometimes the articles also hold articles that I have obtained from the authors. So please keep this in mind and respect the work of the owner of a site.

We have had a pretty good winter for New England, at least here in Massachusetts. *However* this morning's weather report is for 1 to 2 feet of snows sometime this week. An old fashion nor'easter. We thought we wouldn't have to pull out the snow blower but here we go LOL.

A great piece of news received this week is that has purchased a copy of the Drouin digital database. Presently, it is being indexed. These are digital images of all the records for the parishes of Quebec and some New Brunwick and Ontario records and more.

Thanks for your visit and for all the support I receive for the Acadian Ancestral Home. I cannot believe next year will mark the 10th Anniversary of AAH!

My best to all of you.

You Cousin,



Anonymous said...

Hi Cousin Lucie, I have participated in the National Geographic/Genographic Project and now have my results. If you are interested they are listed on their website,
Zilda M. Hebert-Frogue

Anonymous said...


My name is Chris Terrio ( Terriot, Theriault) and I was born and raised on Cape Cod Massachusetts with 9 brothers and sisters. My father Richard was the son of Arsene Terrio of Everett, Mass. I have lived all over the US, Europe and Ontario, Canada. My wife and I have decided to seek permanent residency here in Canada with our three children. I consider this to be a re-emigration of my Candian-Acadia roots.

I am trying to sort out where to begin to locate my ancestors from Acadia and was hoping you could point me in the right direction ?


Chris Terrio