Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Dear Cousins,

I cannot believe I have not written a blog since November 25th but you have to know that there is a reason why I haven't ;o)

mtDNA results have been coming in that now tell us the origins of some of our first Acadian grandmothers. Though many of us have always believed that they were from France there have been some groups on the Internet perpetuating that fallacy that they were either Mi'kmaq or Métis - None of that matters now though. The important thing to know is that DNA does not lie. So considering some of the records that were destroyed or went missing at the time of Deportation, science is now helping us to prove our long held beliefs as regards some of these pioneer women.

For more details and to see the results please go to the Acadian Ancestral Home. You can access the page at the top of the sidebar. It is entitled mtDNA Proven Origins.

I hope your holiday season will be all that you hope!

Your cousin,


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