Friday, November 10, 2006

I want to begin this blog by telling all of our Veterans across America as well as our Military serving around the world, that we are most grateful for their service and for their sacrifice that continues to allow us the freedoms we so greatly enjoy!

It has been a few weeks since I blogged but let me tell you that it doesn't mean I haven't been busy doing research. In fact I have been posting quite a bit of new data to the Ancestral Home web site.

Some of the items:

The Acadians of Tintamarre settled in 1708. Tintamarre is what we know today at the Beaubassin/Beausejour area of New Brunswick.

Mi'kmaq Census Records for 1871, 1881 and 1891 have also been added as well as information from The Jesuit Relations; "1756 List of French Neutrals remaining in Pennsylvania" which is actually the number that arrived in Philadelphia in exile - this count taken after their arrival tells how how many died while being transported to Pennsylvania. Then there are the books on Acadian Exiles by Arthur Doughty published in 1916; Acadian Exiles in Pennsylvania by William Ledet.

The past few years I have been researching Colonial or 18th Century newspapers (1700s) - the Acadians or French Neutrals are mentioned many times while being deported to the colonies, while in the colonies and even when leaving the colonies. Newspapers from Boston to Virginia contain information long buried. Some of these articles are now posted to the Acadian Ancestral Home. Paul Delaney of Moncton University has told me that I have uncovered information buried for the past 250 years. I have sent Stephen White all of the articles I have found. He printed them and they fill two large binders.

I have also added a list of Massachusetts towns where the Acadians had been exiled in Massachusetts and there are also pages that talk about exiles in other provinces within the colonies. (Today we call them States but then they were Provinces.)

The Acadian Ancestral Home also now contains many of the baptisms, marriages and burials for Baie des Chaleurs/Restigouche and this week Francis LeBlanc of Moncton sent me a list that André Goguen and his committee from Rogersville, New Brunswick sent him. It is the list of Acadians buried in the Rogersville Cemetery and they gave me permission to post it to the Ancestral Home web site. This too is a great acquisition. My gratitude to all of the people involved in getting this information to me.

Another thing that I thought might be of interest is a list of trades for both the Acadians and French-Canadian ancestors as well as some Acadian words they spoke.

If anyone reading this blog is interested in having a web site I would encourage you to look into ICDSoft as the server of choice. ICDSoft is inexpensive, allows a huge amount of space as well as transfer rate, has someone available 24/7 if you have any questions (and they are very helpful and respond within minutes!), will obtain a domain name for you if you want one and a great thing is that there are *never* any ads. I have been with them for four years now and it has been a great experience so I thought I should mention their great service for anyone who might be interested.

This is what I've been up to and I would love to hear about the research others are doing.

All new items at the Acadian Ancestral Home can easily be found by looking for the red arrow to the right of the sidebar. Of course if you have not yet visited you are in for a treat. There are hundreds upon hundreds of pages of information available to researchers.

I hope everyone is enjoying the great Fall weather we are having in Massachusetts.

My best to all - Your cousin Lucie

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