Friday, October 06, 2006

Since I began researching our family roots, it has become a quest for me to learn as much as possible about our ancestors. How great is the heritage and legacy they have left us! What a wonderful gift those of us who search our roots leave to our children. Besides learning about who we really are, we learn something interesting things about our very own history!

These are some of the surnames that I have reserched over time - some of Acadian and some are French-Canadian: Aubois, Arsenault, Aucoin, Autin, Babineau, Beaulieu, Bergeron, Bertrand, Bérubé, Blanchard, Bois, Boivin, Bonnevie, Bouchard, Boucher, Boudreau/Boudrot, Bourgeois, Bourg/Bourque, Charlemagne, Consentino, Côté, Daigle, Dancause, D'Anjou, de Baillon, Delcour, Demers, Deschamps, Doiron, Doucet, Downey, Dubé, Dugas, Dumais, Gagnon, Guéret dit Dumont, Dupuis, Emond, Forest, Leclerc dit Francoeur, Gallant, Gaudet, Gautrot, Girouard, Godin, Goguen, Granger, Guérin, Hâché dit Gallant, Hébert, Landry, Lavoie, de Lavoie, LeBlanc (Acadian) and Leblanc (French-Canadian), Léger, Lejeune, Letarte, Levasseur, Lévesque, Lirette, Maillet, Malenfant, Marquis, Martin, Melanson, Michaud, Miville dit Deschênes, Monfet, Patourel, Plourde, Poirier, Pothier, Phocas dit Raymond, Richard, Roy, Saulnier, Surette, Talbot, Thériault, Thibodeau, Trahan, Vautour, Vienneau, Yokel and so many others.

For years, I have searched for members of my father's family who migrated to the Hartford, Connecticut area in early 1900's. Their names: Albert(LeBlanc)WHITE and Henry (LeBlanc)WHITE. Albert married Ann Yokel. I do not know who Henry married.

There was also a brother Edmond. A few years ago someone contacted me through my web site to tell me they were related through marriage to my uncle Edmond. It turns out Edmond married Emilienne Poirier. I did not know if he had ever married. Some of his grandchildren and great grandchildren live in New Hampshire.

A relative of Ann Yokel also contacted me through my web site. Now I would love to hear from Henry's family too!!..and perhaps Edmond's.. Thomas.. Genevieve(aka Jennie) - I now know that Jennie married a fellow by the name of Miller and lived in Gardner, Massachusetts??

My father had a sister Mathilda/Domithilde/Tilly LeBlanc who married Joseph Baggett. Joe became Fire Chief of Lawrence, Massachusetts and I met some of their children, my first cousins, a few years ago.

*An update to my search for my uncle Albert White [LeBlanc] and Ann Yokel*. I accidently came across a post by a Henry Johnson who had information about Albert White. Ann Yokel died abt 1925 and Albert remarried in 1931 to Celia Mary Johnson. Albert and Ann had two children. I met their daughter and she passed away about a year later.

More updates! In December 2005 a cousin contacted me through my FTM site to say he was the great grandson of my Uncle Albert LeBlanc/White - he descends from Albert's marriage to Ann Yokel. This cousin who contacted me descends from their son Nelson Henry. Since then I have heard from another cousin from Connecticut and have talked on the phone with yet another. We hope to meet before long.

In you read the blog about this year's trip to New Brunswick, you know then that my most recent update concers cousins I've always believed were still in New Brunswick. Another update!

That leaves the family of my great uncle Laurent Henri to find and his family would also be in New Brunswick. I will do another search for them there next summer. It has taken me about ten years to find the family of Phocas LeBlanc but they have indeed been found. This is proof that you should never give up no matter how impossible it may seem in trying to find some of our family members! Little by little I have been finding my family - life is good! ;o)

It is a gorgeous fall day here in Massachusetts. I hope that wherever you live you too are enjoying wonderful weather and the love of family.


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