Thursday, September 14, 2006

Yesterday I attended Mr. Martin's presentation entitled "The Deportation from Nova Scotia". He showed the video "Acadie Liberté" in English and then he spoke about a family reunion he attended in Madawaska. Some of the other people in attendance knew me through my web site and it was nice to meet other Acadian LeBlanc descendants face to face. One lady was a Comeau born in Saulnierville and her parents had come to Massachusetts when she was a child. Lots of fun getting together like this.

A lady who sat with me is an Arsenault and her family came from Prince Edward Island. Two other ladies were also Arsenaults and it turns out that they are cousins with the first lady - their fathers were 1st cousins so that they are 1st cousins once removed. The interesting part of this is that until yesterday the lady who sat with me had never met these two Arsenault cousins. They had lots to talk about before they left the Center.

Before I left the Center I was asked if I would give genealogy workshops ;o) I agreed but said they would be on Acadian and/or French-Canadian genealogy and history. They will call in a couple of weeks and we will sit down to discuss the program. I look forward to helping local "cousins" do their genealogy.

I will keep you posted.

If you are reading these blogs and find them interesting I would enjoy hearing from you.

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Rosemarie Benson said...

Hi Lucie
Very much enjoyed reading your blog.
I sure miss MA.
I am in sunny,hot and humid Pensacola,FL. visiting my daughter
I would like to see at CMA 2009 a Gaspesie-Acadian table.
Thank you for all the posted information you share with us.