Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Hi to all my Acadian & French-Canadian Cousins!

I have finally decided to bite the bullet, so to speak, and to begin blogging about all kinds of things but especially genealogy and historical research though I also love to mention some of the interesting happenings in our family too. You might also be interested in some of the transcriptions I have been doing in the city where we live. For more than a year now I have been transcribing old Town Meeting Records dating back to 1727.

In a week and a half I will be in Moncton doing research at the Center for Acadian Studies. It will be good to see my friends and acquaintances once again including Stephen White, Paul Delaney, Ken Breau, Ronnie-Gilles LeBlanc, Régis Brun, Francis LeBlanc, Hector Boudreau and Aline Cormier to name but those few. I look forward to my trip to the Maritimes each year. I will also be going to Memramcook, Beaubassin and Fort Beauséjour. Going here has become a yearly pilgrimage to my Ancestors who were imprisoned at the then Fort Cumberland/Beauséjour during the years of exile.

Most of the Acadians who lived in the Beaubassin area at the time of Deportation were deported to South Carolina. It was once believed that the men deported alone were single/not married. Now it has been realized that some of those men were married but separately from their families and deported separately because they were leaders in their community at Beaubassin thus considered to be "rabble rousers" by the British. So we have not yet found proof but it is quite possible that my ancestors Jos-André LeBlanc had first been deported to South Carolina but had made his way back. We do not know when his wife Marguerite Hebert died nor are we certain as to how many children was born to that marriage. We know of three. The child my family descends from is Firmin who married Ludivine Dupuis.

It could not have been easy after he married his second wife Marie dite Bidaque Doiron to have been almost immediately imprisoned and to have had children born there.

There is some kind of story that they'd been in Miramichi but we do not believe that to be factual at all.

Well it is time to go for tonight.

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Happy hunting and happy trails 'till we meet again



Maurice A. LeBlanc said...

Great initiative, Lucie

Have a nice trip - and please keep us informed of your discoveries daily.



Régis Brun said...

This Just In ! Stop The Press !
Congratulations to Lucie, the new ''blogger'' on the block !

Great news for Acadiens/Acadians/Americans Genealogists.

Bonne Chance, Lucie


Bruce ACS said...

Hi Lucie,

Thank you for starting the blog, I
for one can't wait for you to come
back from the Centre for Acadian
studies with news of the new research
that they are doing.

Bruce w. Caissie,President
The Acadian Cultural Society

Anonymous said...


If you would be so kind, could you ask Mr. White on which documents of early Acadia the name Germain Doucet appears? I understand they are dated @ 1646. I envy your trip.
Enjoy, and I thank you for your site and your efforts.

Sue (a White descendant who wasn't supposed to learn it was LeBlanc)

J.C. LeBlanc said...

Hi Lucie,

Great blog. From your statement that Joe Andre LeBlanc was listed among prisoners at Fort Cumberland in 1763, does that mean that some Acadians were not deported but were kept prisoners?


LucieMC said...

Hi JC,

Some Acadians had been deported to South Carolina and somehow made their way back to the Beaubassin area in search of their families. Some of those men were deported again.

Other than that, it is true that not all Acadians were deported. Some escaped to what is today northern New Brunswick to Miramichi. Some died from starvation while hiding here. The remainder of the Acadians would be captured by the British and marched back to Fort Cumberland/Beausjour. Some would be imprisoned at Fort Halifax.

There were Acadians held prisoners at all of the British forts. In addition to Forts Cumberland and Halifax there were also prisoners held at Fort Edward as well as Fort Lawrence.

If you go to my web site: under PRISONERS & EXILES there is a link Prisoners at the Forts. If you click on that link all of the forts are listed as well as some of the prisoners lists.