Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Another gorgeous morning in Massachusetts though Fall is defnitely in the air!

For those who do not know, I have been transcribing old Town Meeting Minutes for the city where I live. These records date back to 1727 when the then village of Methuen became recognized as a "town" by the provincial government of Boston in the Bay Colony of Massachusetts.

Working on these transcriptions has been a great lesson in history. Actually, I have learned from the bottom up how this country was built. It is a great experience.

Some Acadians were exiled to Methuen in 1755 - a Mius family as well as a LeBlanc family. The exiled Methuen LeBlanc was related to Simon-Pierre LeBlanc who had been deported to Westboro, Massachusetts written about in the Reverend Ebenezer Parkman's diary. Simon-Pierre married at Port Royal, November 23, 1722, Jeanne Dupuis. Jean- Simon LeBlanc and Jeanne Dupuis had eight children.

A page is dedicated to what Reverend Parkman had to say about the LeBlanc family on my web site Acadian Ancestral Home and is found on the sidebar under the title LeBlanc Family. The Reverend Parkman had befriended this family and he had many entries in his diary about them.

Wherever you live, I hope you enjoy a beautiful sunrise such as the one presently on the horizon here in Massachusetts. It will be a wonderful day!

Today I am going to hear someone speak on "The Deportation of Nova Scotia". Tomorrow I'll talk about Mr. Martin's presentation.


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